Writing the story of sakab one family member at a time


At, SAKAB, our mission is to provide the highest quality lifestyle to our family. We do this by inspiring creativity through curiosity, authenticity and meaningful experiences.

We believe in being respectful to our customers. We create products that better our customers’ lives through lasting quality and intuitiveness.

We are committed to crafting products that last a long time, work as advertised & have a luxurious sense of style.

We believe in unapologetic craftsmanship.

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SAKAB Vision


Family is the foundation of it all. SAKAB is family run, legacy focused and above all welcoming. Our entire sense of business stems from treating people with respect and making them feel like family.

Even the origin of our name, SAKAB, is derived from the first initials of our family. At SAKAB, our family works hard to make sure our family of customers love their products throughout their lifetime.


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