How to Set the Time & Date on a SAKAB Watch.

Setting the Time & Date on your SAKAB watch is an easy task. Don't forget to wind the crown in the right direction.

How to set the date:

  1. Begin by pulling the crown out until you feel or hear the first click. This is the first of two clicks that allow you to adjust your watch.
  2. Once you have pulled the crown out, turn it counterclockwise (towards the 6) until you reach the correct day. It's important to turn the crown only in this direction, as turning it clockwise can cause damage to your watch.
  3. When you have adjusted the date to the desired day, push the crown back in to its original position. This will ensure that the date is set correctly and that your watch is running smoothly.
SAKAB KB Series Defender S412 (Top) and L475 (Bottom)

How to set the time:

  1. Pull the crown all the way out until it clicks twice. This will allow you to adjust the time on your watch.
  2. Always turn the crown counter-clockwise (towards the 6) to set the time on your watch. This is the proper way to adjust the time and ensure accurate timekeeping.
  3. Never turn the crown clockwise (towards the 12) to set the watch. Doing so may cause the watch to not operate properly or not operate at all. Turning the crown in the wrong direction can also damage the watch mechanism, which can be costly to repair.
  4. Once you have turned the crown counter-clockwise, you can adjust the time to the correct hour and minute using the numbers on the watch face. Be sure to align the time with the 24-hour indicator on the sub-dial on the left side, which will help you keep track of whether it is morning or evening.
  5. Once you have set the time, push the crown back in to the original position. This will secure the time and ensure that your watch is running smoothly.

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