SAKAB x Rogue Industries

Behold the next generation of SAKAB products.

Announcing a strategic partnership with Rogue Industries, a renowned leather and canvas goods manufacturing company based in Standish, Maine.

Where the magic happens.

This partnership brings together two companies that share a passion and a commitment for creating high-end, high quality products. When speaking on the potential of the partnership, Michael Lyons, CEO of Rogue Industries, said that he “really liked SAKAB’s style and image” and thought that “there could be some excellent synergy here.”

Maine-based Rogue Industries

SAKAB has become known for its commitment to producing high quality timepieces. Rogue Industries, on the other hand, is renowned for its high quality, hand-crafted leather and canvas goods that combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design.  “This is an exciting opportunity for SAKAB because it aligns Rogue, who’s product quality and track record speaks for itself with SAKAB, who is establishing their identity in the luxury lifestyle market.”, said Andre Booker, CEO of SAKAB.

Samples of materials
Raw material storage

One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership wasn’t something from the website, rather, what Andre saw when he visited the Rogue Industries facility.  In his words, “The show was completely operated by women.”  BOOM!!! Let that resonate for a second... From Abby, SAKAB’s sales representative, who felt like she “connected with Andre artistically”, and “could relate to his way of asking questions,” to Lee Ann who is the head seamstress along with her new assistant, down to Maryann and Deanna who handle administrative duties and logistics to all the other ladies who was/wasn’t present during the visit.

Genuine Leather

Another important element of this partnership for Andre and SAKAB, was the emphasis he placed on partnering with a U.S. based manufacturing company and having responsible and sustainable practices in place that will reduce our environmental footprint.

With this combination of shared values and commitment to quality, SAKAB products are available exclusively through sakablife.com and will offer watches and a variety of leather and canvas goods from crossbody and duffle bags, to leather organizers and keychains.

New Beginnings

The very first production from this partnership is ready for purchase.

Essential Everyday Crossbody Bag - Pink

Our Essential Everyday Bag in Powerful Pink will help you keep organized while stylish.

It is available here to purchase: Essential Everyday Crossbody Bag - Powerful Pink.

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